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Vote on MTV K for Korean Americans
News: Entertainment | Wednesday - June 14, 2006 01:05am

MTV K will be the first music and pop-culture destination for young Korean-Americans. The channel will import the hottest and latest superstars from Korea -- artists like BoA, Rain, and Se7en -- and introduce new and emerging Korean-American artists making noise of their own. Finally, Korean and Korean-Americans artists alike will have their own platform in the U.S.!

We want you to be a part of this historic movement by choosing the very first video to be played on MTV K! Watch the videos below and vote for your favorite. The clip with the most votes will go down in history as the video that kicked off this Korean-American revolution.

The winner will be announced June 27 here and on MTV K.

Currently, MTV K is offered on DIRECTV through the KoreanDirect package. If you want MTV K in your neighborhood call your local cable provider and tell them, "I WANT MY MTV K!"


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