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News: Entertainment | Thursday - March 11, 2004 11:39pm

STIR TV is the first ever English-language nationally broadcast program for young Asian Americans that can be watched weekly on the International Channel nationwide. Produced by Factor Inc., KTSF and I-Channel, STIR has recently aired the first of it's 26 episodes. Please visit the website for more information on channel availability in your area. Also, don't forget to vote for an artist in the Pepsi/ Stir Music Challenge!

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What is Willian Hung to us?
News: Entertainment | Monday - February 23, 2004 02:03pm

I'm pretty sure everyone has heard of William Hung, even if they never watched American Idol. The new found celebrity status of William is an interesting study.

Is the love for more William Hung positive or has America found their next "Charlie Chan" to to represent their stereotypical views of chinese people. There's no doubt we can all have a good laugh at this kid, but when it come down to it, he is reinforcing the stereotype Asian American have worked and are still working so hard to erase.

What are your views?

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Announcement | Wednesday - December 31, 2003 11:15am will like to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

It's been a great year here at ClubZen. Still the premier place to find up-coming Asian Nightlife Events, it will now become the premier Asian Nightlife & Entertainment Community. 2004 will be the year ClubZen takes Asian Nightlife to the next level. By creating powerful community features we hope to create a large network of Asian party promoters, partygoers, DJs, and entertainers. Allowing promoters to team up with other promoters and partygoers to meet new partygoers so we can all get down.

Here are some new features on

  • Recurring Events - if you throw parties every week, you can now submit a recurring event, instead of having to submitted a new event every week.
  • Upload Event Photos - now you can show us what kind of people hit your parties. Just goto your manage events and click

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Better Luck Tomorrow: Thank you by Justin Lin
News: Entertainment | Saturday - April 19, 2003 12:30pm

Dear Friends-

Thank you for your incredible support this past weekend. I got the wake up call of a lifetime Sunday morning from the heads of MTV Films and Paramount. Not only was "Better Luck Tomorrow" the highest grossing film per screen in the country, but we also set records for both the studio and MTV Films. And my phone did not stop ringing there. Executives from other studios also called, and one thing's for certain, everyone is baffled. They can't figure out how a small independent film with barely any advertising muscle could out-perform the big movies. Of course, we already know the answer: word of mouth.

This history-making success is a testament to all of you that came out, bought a ticket, and told your friends to go see it. Now, the audience is telling the studios what kind of film they want to see - something completely unheard of in Hollywood. We are setting a new precedent. Fans showed up in such big numbers that theaters actually cancelled screenings of "Anger Management" in order to add additional showings of BLT. And in cities where BLT isn't showing, fans have been calling their local theatre managers and demanding that the theatres bring it to their towns.

But we still have a long road ahead. If there's any downside to our triumphant opening weekend, it's that we might be seen as a fluke. BLT is opening in ten additional cities on Friday, April 18th. If we can sustain the same momentum of last weekend, I've been assured that ?Better Luck Tomorrow? will go to a nationwide release on April 25th! Not only would this be historic for Asian American cinema, but it would finally put us on a level playing field with the average Hollywood film. I found out that approximately 60% of the audiences last weekend were Asian Americans. If this trend continues, we will at last be able to carve out a piece of the pie on the studio marketing chart, thereby signaling the way for more films with real, human portrayals of Asian Americans. We?re on the verge of something truly groundbreaking, so let?s not turn back now. If you haven't seen the film yet, now is the time. If you saw it last weekend (thank you!), bring a friend and watch it again. Remember, your movie ticket is your vote.

Please look at the new cities listed below and if you have friends or family there, let them know about the film and tell them to visit the website or read the reviews.

Once again, thank you for all your support.


Still in these theaters: APRIL 11th
Chicago, IL- Esquire Loews
Chicago, IL- Evanston Century
Los Angeles, CA- Hollywood Pacific Arclight
Los Angeles, CA- Century 14, AMC
Orange County, CA- Irvine Spectrum
Orange County, CA- Block at Orange AMC theaters
New York, NY- Empire AMC
New York, NY- Chelsea Clearview
New York, NY- Angelika City Cinema
Berkeley, CA- Shattuck Theater
Union City CA- Century 25
San Francisco, CA- AMC Van Ness 1000
San Jose, CA, San Jose- Camera 1

Second week: APRIL 18th
Arlington, VA- Arlington Shirlington Loews
Atlanta, GA- Atlanta Phipps AMC
Baltimore, MD- Baltimore Charles Mansour
Boston, MA- Boston Copley Loews
Boston, MA- Boston Commons Loews
Boston, MA- Cambridge Harvard Square Loews
Toronto, ON -Toronto Eglinton Town Center Loews
Toronto, ON- Toronto Varsity Loews
Vancouver, BC- Vancouver Granville Loews
Victoria, Canada- Victoria University Theaters
Daly City, CA ?Daly City Century Theaters
Dallas, TX Dallas- Angelika City Cinema
Ft. Worth, TX- Ft. Worth Hulen UA
Houston, TX- Houston Studio AMC
Houston, TX- Houston Angelika City Cinema
Pasadena, CA- Pasadena Market Place Regal
Ft. Lauderdale, FL -Ft. Lauderdale Gateway
Miami, FL - Miami Intracoastal
Miami, FL - Miami Sunset AMC
West Palm, FL - Boca Raton Mizner
West Palm, FL - Delray Beach Delray 18 Regal
New York, NY - New York Lincoln Square Loews
Phoenix, AZ- Tempe Center Point Harkins
Portland, OR- Portland Fox Regal
San Diego, CA- San Diego Madstone
San Diego, CA- San Diego Mission Valley AMC
San Francisco, CA- Sony Metreon
San Jose, CA- San Jose Camera 3
Seattle, WA- Seattle Uptown Loews
Seattle, WA- Seattle Varsity Landmark
Washington, DC- DC Washington Georgetown Loews

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Flim: Better Luck Tomorrow
News: Entertainment | Tuesday - April 01, 2003 02:39pm

Better Luck Tomorrow, also known as BLT will be in theaters on April 11th 2003. It will be released in what's called a "limited platform release," meaning it will be screened in a few select cities for the first few weeks, and then expand to more theaters in more cities.

The turnout at the screenings in these three cities is crucial in determining how wide the film will be released. So come support your Asian brothers and sisters in the flim industry and spread the word about the film and make sure you go watch it.

This film represents a major milestone for Asian Americans. It is the first ever Asian American film to be picked-up for distribution, and the first ever acquisition by MTV Films. So the success of the film will greatly determine the future of Asian American based films.


Everyone knows a person like Ben - the perfect Asian American high school teen. He's an extremely intelligent perfectionist, an overachiever whose tunnel vision will lead to nothing less than graduating at the top of the class and acceptance to the best Ivy League university.

Ben lives in an upper middle class, conservative L.A. suburb in Southern California. As he struggles to achieve social success in high school, we discover his darker side. Along with two friends, Virgil, a brilliant yet socially inept misfit, and Virgil's cousin Han, a lost soul with more brawn than brains, Ben leads a double life of mischief and petty crimes that alleviate the pressures of perfection.

At the start of his high school freshman year, Ben befriends Daric, the senior valedictorian and another archetypical overachiever and perfectionist. But Daric is somewhat odd. While being the most intelligent student in the class, he also seems to be the most volatile and dangerous. Behind his trusting and benevolent fa


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