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Becoming American: The Chinese Experience
News: Entertainment | Thursday - March 20, 2003 11:46pm

A 3-Part Bill Moyers Special:
Premiering on PBS March 25-27, 2003 at 9pm.

"What does it mean to become an American?"

"The story of Chinese Americans is part of the great American narrative, and ti has received too little mainstream attendtion. I have been interested in the experience of Chinese immigrants to this country- and what it helps us to understand about American- since back in the sixties when I was a young White House press secretary for President Lyndon Johnson.

"I worked on helping to pass the Immigration Acts of 1965 and then flew with President Johnson to the Statue of Liberty in new York Harbor where he signed the bill into law on October 3rd of that year. That act turned American immigration upside down. It opened the door for Asians and others to come here in record numbers, and it's been fascinating to watch with face of America change.

"Over the last forty years, I've heard Chinese Americans and recent arrivals grappling with the issues that every immigrant group has had to face over time. What does it really mean to become an American? What do you give up and what traditions do you try to preserve? At what moment do you think you are an American? And when do you feel you are accepted as American? These are personal and political issues. Issues of identity and assimiliation. Issues of access and empowerment. And they lie at the very heart of America's future."

-Bill Moyer

3/25 Part One - Gold Mountain Dreams
3/26 Part Two: Between Two Worlds
3/27 Part Three: No Turning Back

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15th Asian Entertainment Night @ Baggot Inn
Reviews | Tuesday - March 11, 2003 03:21pm

On Sunday March 9th, Melodic Syndrome Music Showcase hosted its 15th Asian Entertainment night, which is held every 2nd Sunday of the Month at the Baggot Inn. This monthly showcase features a variety of performers from singers, dancers, rappers to comedians of Asian descent.


The Baggot Inn reminds me of a dark hometown tavern from the old days, kind of like the Prancing Pony in Lord of the Rings. With wooden furniture and candles providing most of the illumination around us, it provided a relaxing environment for us to enjoy the show. The place was not very large, seating around 80 people up front around the small stage area with more space for standing speculators near the bar.


Even though it was an Asian Night, the crowd was quite mixed with mostly artsy types and the Asian mix was mostly Japanese. This was probably because the show was organized by the host of the night, Tomoko, who is also Japanese. But overall from my point of view, most of the speculators were the performers, their friends and a few talent scouts and reviewers.

The Show:

Even though it was advertised as starting at 7pm, the show actually started at 9:30pm, which we found out is normal for this event. So if you decide to go to the next AEN we suggest going there around 9pm, a little earlier if you want seats. You can always enjoy a few drinks.

Now the show that night featured 15 acts: 8 singers, 1 rap group, 3 dances, and 2 comedian, and one poetry reading at the end. As with any talent showcase, not every act is going to be entertaining. Three of the act that stood out would have to be A.U.G (a Japanese Trio doing a Hip-Hop Dance), Notorious M.S.G. (the funny and energetic Chinatown Trio doing their signature FOB Rap), and DWIT (Male Vocal with Hip-Hop Dancing). This show also contain a few non-Asian performers, one of with was DWIT.

Out of the singers, I enjoyed the first act JC, Eric Chris, and DWIT. JC is a Filipino R&B singer with a good voice and nice songs. Both Eric Chris and DWIT is African American. Eric Chris resembles Wesley Snipes, maybe that why he was a stunt double for him his the

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ClubZen is Back!
Announcement | Monday - February 10, 2003 03:32am

ClubZen has returned with a new and improved interface to once again become the premier source for Asian parties, nightlife, and entertainment information. Started in 1995, ClubZen has steadily become the hot spot for party-goers to get info on the next Asian event. ClubZen has also been a great tool for new promoters coming into the Asian scene and also for established promotion groups to spread the word about their events.

With the re-launch of version II, we wish to continue the ClubZen tradition of providing the most up-to-date listing of Asian parties and event. Our goal is to unite the growing Asian scene by keeping people in the know. We hope you like out new look. There will be many more features that will be added. So for now, keep the parties going.


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