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 DJ NameRick Rock
 Real NameRick Rock
 Websites:Rick Rock Productions
 created onFri, Dec 14,2007
 Crews/AffilationsRick Rock Productions
102.7 Da Bomb
 ResidenciesZanzabar, Pipeline Cafe, Lava Rock Lounge
 Type of music you spin?Hip-Hop/Rap, Reggae, Rock/Pop, Alternative, House, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Other
-- Universal Crowd Movement
 Type of equipment can you provide?Turntable, Mixer, CD Player, Speakers, Strobe Lights, Spot Light, Lazer/Scanner, Other Lights, Bubble Machine, Fog Machine, Haze Generator, Other Effects
-- A to Z
DJ Interview
 When did you start DJing?January 1993
  - tell us about yourself
Our inner strengths, experiences, and truths cannot be lost, destroyed, or taken away. Every person has an inborn worth and can contribute to the human community. We all can treat one another with dignity and respect, provide opportunities to grow toward our fullest lives and help one another discover and develop our unique gifts. We each deserve this and we all can extend it to others.
 How did you get into DJing?When the DJ needed to take a bathroom break
 What do you love most about DJing?The energy the feeds the crowd by the music thats played
 What is your most memorable DJing
Summer Jam
 What are you future goals as a DJ?Stay up on the scene & music
 What do you do when you are not
GOLF >>>>>>>>>>>>>> FORE !!!
 Shout outs!DJ Rectangle, E-man Power 106 LA, Jazzy Jim, Rick Lee, SBC DJ's,
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 Contact NameRick Rock
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