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 DJ NameDJ Concrete (The Special Event DJ)
 EthnicityAfrican American
 From/HometownPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
 created onSat, Nov 15,2008
 updated onSat, Dec 6,2008
 Crews/AffilationsPlatinum Eye Records:

Check Me Out At Myspace:
 Type of music you spin?Hip-Hop/Rap, Reggae, Rock/Pop, Alternative, Country, House, Techno, Breakbeats
-- Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Top 40, Crunk, Pop, Go Go, House, Baltimore Club, and Old School Classics
 Type of equipment can you provide?Mixer, Turntable
-- Check Me Out At Myspace:
DJ Interview
 When did you start DJing?December 1994
  - tell us about yourself
I started deejaying at the age of sixteen. I always had the gift of cuttin on time and blending all kinds of music together(Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Top 40, Crunk, Pop, Go Go, House, Baltimore Club, and Old School Classics). This led to my first night club job at CC's Night club. Ever since then due to my versatile style I am requested for many events in the tri state area and beyond.
 How did you get into DJing?I grew up in a household that always had different styles of music playing. As I got older I started to listen to deejays like Philly's #1 DJ Ran, Jazzy Jeff, Gary O, Cosmic "Strictly Skills" Kev, Jay Ski, Tat Money, Roger Culture, Don "Mistic" Mac, EC La Rock, Funk Master Flex, Kid Capri and I seen the movie "Juice"
 What do you love most about DJing?People enjoying their self and having a good time
 What is your most memorable DJing
Deejaying for the first time at a nightclub
 What are you future goals as a DJ?Deejaying internationally
 What do you do when you are not
I enjoy time with family and friends
 Shout outs!Platinum Eye Records, Chuck Gibbs, Kid Wonda, Philly's #1 DJ DJ Ran, Tat Money, The Tech.Nition ProDj's, Shawn, and All the deejays who have a passion for deejaying across the world
Booking Info
 Contact NameJonathan Davis
 Phone-- please register to view --
 Email-- please register to view --

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