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 From/HometownLong Island
 Websites:DJ Lil' Mike
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NYC Movie Parties
 created onMon, Jun 14,2004
 updated onTue, Nov 1,2005
 ResidenciesFridays @ Vesta (390 8th Ave, btw 29th & 30th St)
Saturdays @ Bogarts (99 Park Ave, corner of 39th St)
Other venues include: Select, Gallery, Show, Etoile, NV, etc.
 Type of music you spin?Hip-Hop/Rap, Reggae
-- Hip-hop, r+b, reggae/reggaeton, classics, and 80's.
 Type of equipment can you provide?CD Player, Mixer, Speakers, Turntable
DJ Interview
 When did you start DJing?September 1996
  - tell us about yourself
I started djing while I was up in college in Boston. I started getting some fame around the college party scene after about a year and a half of djing. I was doing mostly on-campus parties for different school organizations and for different fraternities and sororities. Started doing more clubs towards the end of college and while I was in graduate school.
I got on the grind in 2001 when I got back to NY. I was doing little guest spots here and there but I finally got a couple of residencies after I linked up with Climax NYC.
 How did you get into DJing?I always use to hear djs like Funkmaster Flex, Enuff, Skribble, Ace, etc on the radio and I always wanted to do it. When I got to college and I met some guys that were djs, I was good to go.
 What do you love most about DJing?Just seeing the crowd move and react to the different songs I play.
 What is your most memorable DJing
Djing a college party in Boston. I believe it was Sept. 1999. The place was crazy packed. Capacity was only supposed to be about 900 people, but it reached about 1300 up in there. I knew djing was my calling after that night.
 What are you future goals as a DJ?Definitely want to be a big dj in nyc. I'm currently getting into the mixtape game and just trying to fill up as many nights as possible with gigs.
 What do you do when you are not
Try to land DJ gigs.
 Shout outs!I have to give a shout out to my girlfriend Melinda. Without her, my dj career would be nowhere. NO JOKE!!! Shout out to every and any promoter that ever booked me. Shout out to the Heavy Hitters Record Pool. Shout out to my boy JP aka DJ Lil' Mike's security.

All promoters get at me. My prices are reasonable and I guarantee to rock any crowd put in front of me.

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 Contact NameDJ Lil' Mike
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