Profile: The Notorious MSG

Name: The Notorious MSG
From: New York, NY

Hong Kong Fever (The Ringleader)
Down-Lo Mein (The Yello Gigolo)
Funky Buddha (The Tokin' Asian)

Bio from their website:
From humble beginnings off the streets of New York City's Chinatown, these three resturant workers have carved a path of destruction through the music industry and will not stop until every man, woman and child has succumbed to their sizzling orange-flavored beats.

Booking and other information:
Roye Meighan (Notorious Entertainment)

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If you haven't seen these guys perform, you're missing out on a FOBulous show. I've seen these guys three times, and every time they drive the crowd wild. They definitely know the meaning of entertainment.

If you're wondering if these guys are for real, just remember they are performers and they always stay in character - even during interviews.

If you are organizing a show, I strongly encourage you to book these guys. Your viewers will surely remember you for it.

 Interview: The Notorious MSG
interviewed on March 10,2004

  1. How did you three handsome yellow fellows meet?

    We met each other at The Crazy Wok, the restaurant where we all work in NYC's Chinatown. The Notorious MSG was created in that little Chinese kitchen. Along with some damn good fried rice.

  2. Where did the name "Notorious MSG" come from?

    A few years ago, a customer came in the restaurant looking for trouble. He began to get racist towards the staff and pretty much put down Asian people in general. So being the mature, rational gentlemen that we are, we decided to season his Moo Shu Pork with some home- grown "Chinese lemonade." (Trust us, he deserved it.) To make a long story short, he ended up in the hospital and we ended up in the police station, where the Five-O dubbed us "The Notorious Moo Shu Guys." From then on, we were known thoughout Chinatown as the three restaurant workers who wouldn't back down. That incident is pretty much what brought us all together, so when we formed the band we kept the name but shortened it to The Notorious MSG.

  3. Who are your inspirations?

    We love bands who embrace the thug-mentality & gangsta lifestyle... Like New Kids on the Block and Menudo.

  4. How would you describe your group?

    Ghetto FOBulous, baby!

  5. Who is the best cook?

    In the kitchen, definitely D-Lo. But then again, we are all Iron Chefs in the kitchen of LOVE.

  6. Name an Asian role model that you look up to.

    Bruce Lee's bowl-cut in "Enter the Dragon" had us all gasping in awe. The thickness of his hair was unreal.

  7. You have so many adoring fans. Any chance that one of them can score a date with you guys?

    As long as they're not packin' a pair of furry dumplings down under, we've got the time!

  8. Many Asian American males hate the Joy luck club (written by Amy Tan), claiming that it portrays Asian men as weak, cheap and un-sexual. How do you answer to that?

    Amy Tan needs to spend a night with The Notorious MSG. She just might write something different next time.

  9. What is your most memorable performance?

    Fourteen women in a hot tub on Chinese New Year. We performed exceptionally that night, although we didn't get any red envelopes.

  10. Please define each of your roles in the group.

  11. Hong Kong Fever: The Ringleader / waiter / head songwriter.
  12. Down-Lo Mein: The Yello Gigolo / cook / beatmaster & production Sifu for all our music.
  13. Funky Buddha: The Tokin' Asian / dishwasher / Sleeps on the couch and eats all our ramen, and then says that he'll buy us more but never does.

  14. Who would you like to thank for supporting your music?

    Everyone who has taken the time to listen. We wouldn't be doing this if it weren't for our MSG posse out there! We thank you all from the bottom of our woks.

  15. Having emigrated to NYC from your homelands, how does NYC differ?

    We used to miss the food back home, but after sampling the variety of dishes from the poon-tang buffet over here, we can learn to adapt.

  16. What are your goals for the future?

    Stay tuned and you'll see!

  17. William Hung- what are your thoughts?

    Some dental work might be a good idea.

  18. Lastly, what message would you like to send to the Asian American community.

    Get ready to ROCK OUT with yo' WOK OUT 'cuz you ain't seen nothin' yet, muthasuckaz!

  19. Individual Profile: Hong Kong Fever

    1. Name on passport: Hong Kong Fever
    2. Birthplace: Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
    3. Height: 5'7"
    4. Weight: 140
    5. Role in group: Ringleader / Lord of Hotness
    6. Religion: I worship anyone with large breasts, with the exception of Reuben Studdard.
    7. Favorite movie(s): None. My ideal film would involve Elijah Wood getting butchered by a hobbit-eating, hockey-mask-wearing serial killer. I'd call it "Frodo the 13th."
    8. Favorite food/dish: Xiao Loong Bao (dumplings) with a side order of punani
    9. Favorite book(s): The Yellow Pages, although with a name like that you'd think there would be more Asians in there
    10. Hobbies/interests: Modeling thong underwear. I let my ass hairs flare out the sides since it seems to have more impact on the runway.
    11. Most proud accomplishment: Going to Taco Bell without making a single fart joke. However, DISCUSSING Taco Bell without mentioning farts is impossible, as I'm demonstrating.
    12. Most stunning feature(s): My bowl-cut. Try to resist it's power, and you will desire me even more.
    13. Dancing style/technique: "The Beijing Blast" is a powerful dance move that has taken me years to perfect. It consists of rapid pelvic thrusts, usually directed at one or two lucky ladies. Stay out of the strike zone, or you too shall succumb to it's force.
    14. Explain your ideal date: What occurs on the date is irrelevant, as long as it ends in complete & total nudity.
    15. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate yourself and why? You need to create a higher scale if you wanna rate me, baby.
    16. What comes to mind when I mention:
      • Concubine: Now you're talkin' baby! You making me an offer?
      • Singer Michael Jackson: You have just completely extingushed my feelings of arousal from your previous question.
    17. Favorite Saying: "Catch the Fever, muthasucka!"

  20. Individual Profile: Down Lo-Mein

    1. Name on passport: Down Lo-Mein
    2. Birthplace: Ping Tung, Taiwan
    3. Height: 5'7"
    4. Weight: 151
    5. Role in group: I cook the food and mix the beats
    6. Religion: Agnostic. I don't know who put me here, but there had to have been some divine intervention when I was created, baby!
    7. Favorite movie(s): Red Sonja, Rambo - First Blood Part II
    8. Favorite food/dish: Steamed white rice served with stir fried beef and tomatoes, topped with two over easy eggs. All washed down with a glass of sweet, cool soy milk.
    9. Favorite book(s): My first cookbook, 'The Chinese Chef'-- by Martin Yan
    10. Hobbies/interests: working out, cooking, singing karaoke
    11. Most proud accomplishment: Convicing Funky B to work out and watching him crap his pants while he tried to squat the bar.
    12. Most stunning feature(s): It really depends on my mood and the time of day, but right now i'd have to say my left pectoral.
    13. Dancing style/technique: I am like water on the dance floor- you can try to contain or quantify me but i just keep flowing with the go.
    14. Explain your ideal date: Definitely not the shy and demure type! She's got to speak her mind and know what she wants... but she can't be too aggressive! Which can be tough because the ladies just can't seem to keep their hands off of me...
    15. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate yourself and why? As shocking as it might sound, I only give myself a 9.99. While for all intents and purposes I am rather perfect, I like giving up that last 0.01 to provide some motivation when I go to the gym.
    16. What comes to mind when I mention:
      • Hot sauce: Put this stuff on your food ONLY. Trust me.
      • President George W. Bush: Man, that guy needs to get some booty! I know his wife don't want to give it up cause he's so ugly, but maybe if he wasn't so sexually starved he wouldn't be dropping all those bombs. Clinton had the right idea!
    17. Favorite Saying: "Did you see her checking me out?"

  21. Individual Profile: Funky Buddha

    1. Name on passport: Funky Buddha
    2. Birthplace: Beijing, China
    3. Height: 5'10"
    4. Weight: 190
    5. Role in group: Dishwasher; Funkmaster
    6. Religion: Funky Buddhist
    7. Favorite movie(s): Anything with puppets or cartoons.
    8. Favorite food/dish: Kim Chee
    9. Favorite book(s): Can't read.
    10. Hobbies/interests: Baking.
    11. Most proud accomplishment: Waking up before noon.
    12. Most stunning feature(s): Natural pheromones will stun you for sure.
    13. Dancing style/technique: Funky. Very funky.
    14. Explain your ideal date: Still waiting to go on first one.
    15. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate yourself and why? 69. I don't know.
    16. What comes to mind when I mention:
      • Supersized - My eggroll.
      • Actress Lucy Liu - Mrs. Funky Buddha.
    17. Your favorite saying: "I gotta a lotta flava in my tea cup."

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