Profile: Roy Kim (aka Snacky Chan)

Name: Roy Kim (aka Snacky Chan)
Ethnicity: Korean American
From: Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Bio from his website:
Roy Kim, otherwise known as 'Chan' or 'Snacky Chan,' is a hip hop emcee originally hailing from New Jersey, currently doing his thing in Boston, Massachussetts. Chan has established himself over the years as an emcee with 'true to the art' skills, proving his abilities in underground hip hop venues across the country.

Booking and other information:
Dynasty Muzik

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 Interview: Roy Kim (aka Snacky Chan)
interviewed on August 11,2004

  1. So how did you get into rhyming?

    Basically being exposed to it an early age through a neighbor who's father was in the hip hop business. I felt an immediate connection to it. There were a lot of emotions I was feeling that only hip hop expressed so I clicked with it immediately. Pretty soon I was rhyming along to songs, trying to act like rappers and do mock performances in front of the bathroom mirror. The love for it never really went away and it gradually grew into a passion and a business.

  2. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of being an Asian emcee? Does it make a more difficult to be accepted?

    I think the only disadvantage I've encountered is with major labels or investors in general. They're often times too scared to put money up on something thats too original. Other than that, being an Asian emcee has worked out for me. Asians are proud, supportive, and thankful I'm doin my thing. In general, anyone with an open mind has given me props. Good music is good music, regardless of race.

  3. Your debut LP "Part of the Nation" is coming out on 8/24/04. Any particular theme to this album?

    I wouldn't say there's one particular theme on the album. I focused on making an album with a variety of styles and subject matter. It's definitely for those that appreciate good hip hop, lyrics, and tight beats. Supreme One (the producer for the album) and I did our absolute best to make the tightest all around album we possibly could. It's my debut, so nothing less than greatness is what I'll settle for.

  4. In track 2 with the same name as the album, you touch on the ignorance towards Asians. Is this an issue you feel strongly about?

    Most definitely its a strong issue. The disrespect is what drives me at times. How long will we be seen as weak? I definitely want to change that perspective and at the same time show others outside of our race what its like to be in our shoes. It's the truth, and more often than not, others respect me for speakin on it.

  5. You did spots in Philly? How's the love out there? Ever perform out here in New York City?

    Philly's cool. Sometimes people won't give you love unless you're on TV or heard of you on the radio. I've performed in NYC a couple of times and they've always been receptive. Like I said, good music is good music, wherever you're at..

  6. You performed with Jin and did some tracks with him. How'd that come about and how's it like working with him?

    I've known Jin for a while, met him up in Boston a few years back and I've heard here and there that he held my music in high regard. We finally caught up in Philly a few months back and we exchanged numbers. To my surprise, he got in touch and initiated the collabo. He loves good music and appreciates the art and I got to give him props for being cool enough to share some of his shine.

  7. Who would you like to work with out there for future projects?

    Really anyone who's music I enjoy. There are just too many artists and producers out there to name. If I'm feelin you and what you represent, I'm all for the collabo.

  8. So what is coming up for you and how can fans keep up to date?

    I've got a bunch of shows comin up to promote the release of my album all over the U.S. If you wanna stay in touch with my moves you can check my site out at! Good lookin out Club Zen!!

  9. Listen:

    Part of the Nation LP - CD (release date: 8/24/04)
    Grab it here: Snacky Chan's Store

    2. Part of the Nation (Listen - clip)
    3. Radio Wars (Listen - clip)
    4. Clap Ya Hands (feat: Akrobatik, Ripshop) (Listen - clip)
    7. Tick Talk (Listen - clip)

    Listen to more Chan: click here
    1. Politickin' w/ Chan
    2. Big in Japan
    3. Combat Zone
    4. Radio Wars

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