Profile: Christopher Louie (aka LS)

Name: Christopher Louie (aka LS)
Ethnicity: Chinese American
From: Chinatown, New York City

Bio from his website:
23 years in the making and a young Christopher Louie lays in a midtown recording studio listening repeatedly to the storytelling beat playing in the background as the infectious lyrics of his story play in his mind and press his hands to write on the white sheets of paper directly in front of him.

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 Interview: Christopher Louie (aka LS)
interviewed on November 22,2004

  1. What's up LS? Tell us a bit about yourself like where you're from.

    Well I was born and raised in New York City. I was born in brooklyn, raised and bred in Chinatown and moved to staten island.

  2. What does the letter LS stand for?

    LS is an acronym and could mean a lot of things, but for now it means Lyrical Specialist.

  3. What kind of music do you listen to?

    I listen to all kinds of music, except for country really, but my main love is rap and hip hop.

  4. How did you get into the rap game?

    I started rapping when I was a sophomore in high school. The reason why I started was because a friend of mine made a song over a Mobb Deep beat and when I listened to it I thought, "hey I could do that too", plus music was always in me and I loved rap music and hip-hop as it was anyway.

  5. Where do you find inspiration for your lyrics?

    The inspiration for my lyrics come from my real life experiences. All the shit I've been through and all the shit I've seen goes into my music.

  6. Is there anyone in the industry that you admire?

    There isn't just one person I admire, but I guess if I had to choose it would be Wu Tang. They have been my inspiration for my style of writing. Not only are they lyrically talented, they also send a message in their songs and that's what I try to do when I write.

  7. Explain how your ethnicity affected your music career.

    Being Asian has both helped me and hurt me in the industry. It helped me in a way because people don't expect someone like me to be doing what I'm doing and saying what I'm sayin in my lyrics. It hurts me because labels are scared to take a chance on someone like me because I'm Asian, and I constantly have to prove myself. Which is ok cause it only makes me stronger. I also feel that because I'm Asian the labels are holding off to see how Jin does in the industry before they decide to go with me.

  8. You grew up in the mean streets of NYC's Chinatown. How has that influenced you?

    Haha... I don't know about the "mean streets" well, not as much as how it used to be, but growing up in Chinatown has definetly influenced my life. For one, it shows me that the Asian community can come together as a whole and work together. It makes me proud of who I am. But on the other hand I've seen the street side of Chinatown which has taught me a lot about life, and is the main inspiration of my music. Basically I wanna tell the kids and the teenagers growing up wanting to live that life, that that's not the life for them. I also wanna educate people who stereotype Asians and have no idea what really goes on, and let'em know wuts up.

  9. What is your take on Blender Magazine's article of the incident last year @ Yello? Is it accurate?

    In a lot of ways the article was pretty accurate, and in some ways it was off. But regardless it has given me a lot of exposure which is always good. I really don't wanna get into details about the incident and where it took place, but the article was on point about what took place that night.

    Blender Magazine's article

  10. Your freshmen album is in the making. When can we expect it to come out?

    Yeah the album is definetly in the works, and hopefully it'll be out sumtime in the middle of next year.... Be sure to cop that!

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