Profile: The Notorious MSG

Name: The Notorious MSG
From: New York, NY

Hong Kong Fever (The Ringleader)
Down-Lo Mein (The Yello Gigolo)
Hunan Bomb (The Killing Machine)

Booking and other information:
Roye Meighan (Notorious Entertainment)

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Here we are again, catching up with our favorite group for a second interview. Their ringleader, Hong Kong Fever, fills us in on what they've been up to, about their new member, and where they are heading.

 Interview: The Notorious MSG
interviewed on December 20,2005

  1. So what have you guys been up to since the last interview?

    First off, The MSG has been reborn...bigger, badder and stronger than ever. We just put out our new single, "Chinatown Hustler" and we are wrapping up filming on the video right now. It'll all be available soon, check out for more details.

    In other news, we've recently found a great ally in MTV Chi, a new channel created by MTV geared specifically for Asian-Americans. Our song, "Straight Out Of Canton," was featured in a successful Chinese movie called "Waiting Alone." Directed by Dayan Eng, the movie was nominated for Film of the Year in China. Comedy Central is also featuring the video for "Straight Out Of Canton" on their broadband video site, "Motherload." Plus, we've now got Adidas in our corner, hookin' us up with some fresh gear for various shows. These are just a few things that we have going on...and it's only gonna get better from here muthasuckaz.

  2. I see you guys have been doing shows all over the country, from Cali to Boston. I'm sure you guys were very well received, the crowd must have gone wild!

    We've been blessed with some of the most hot n' spicy fans from all over the world. Wherever we go, it's great to see our posse roll up in numbers....all colors, shapes and sizes - the MSG army is universal. We wouldn't be here if it weren't for them.

  3. Since you guys are so hot, you must have a lot of groupies. Any interesting fan experiences to share?

    Yes, we are hot - I believe a more appropriate word would be "FOBalicious." About the groupies....let's just say many lucky ladies have been experiencing "The MSG Diet," which involves feasting on our egg rolls exclusively as a source of nourishment. It's quite healthy.

  4. Losing Funky Buddha was a tragedy. Can you give us more details about what happened?

    On that night, Funky B was helping a friend of ours with deliveries because they were short-staffed. Although we're doing the music thing full time now, we still cover some shifts in the kitchens from time to time to help out whenever we can. We haven't forgotten where we came from. Anyway, as Buddha was leaving the restaurant, he was shot multiple times. We still don't know who was responsible....but we will find out.

  5. What's your take on the recent murders of Chinese delivery men?

    To be honest, I wanna go muthafuckin' Charlie Bronson on all those fools...especially after what happened to Buddha. Those cowardly turds prey on our bruthas because they see them as easy targets, unable or unwilling to fight back. We as a society are also at fault, because these delivery people are often dehumanized and ridiculed. When was the last time you seriously thought about what these people have to go through on a daily basis? Just think about the dangers that they have to face every time they hop on their bicycle to bring you your food. These are human beings, busting their asses to the bone for you, and they need to be respected.

    Here is a brief list of some of our fallen bruthas - honor them by reading about their stories:

  6. How did the Hunan Bomb become part of your group? Can you describe his infamous move, "The Kimchi Claw?"

    Not many people know this, but The Hunan Bomb first joined our crew as a drummer when Funky B was still around. We played one show together at Babson College in Boston (see picture below.) That pic is the only pic that we have with all of us, before Buddha was killed. After we lost Buddha, Hunan stepped it up and got behind the mic.

    The Hunan Bomb was also once a champion pit-fighter. His killing move, "The Kimchee Claw", is a burning hot death-grip which packs more punch than a barrel full of Kimchee, hence the name. It's rumored to be lethal, although I have never seen it in action. However, I can have him test it out on you - if you refer to it by the wrong name again you'll be getting a spicy hot claw right up yo' ass.

  7. What is the inspiration behind your new single, "Chinatown Hustler?"

    If you go to Chinatown, you can see the hustlers for yourself. They are our bruthas and sistas out on the streets, underground, in the kitchens - all struggling to earn a living. It is all part of that hustle, that relentless fight for survival. This song is a portrait of what WE had to do to stay in the game...and it ain't pretty.

    You may have heard the phrase referring to Harlem as the "Home of the Hustler." Well let it be known that Chinatown is the "Mother to the Hustler." And WHAT, muthafucka

  8. How has your music grown since your first album?

    We've been bringing in other producers to collaborate - which is something we've never done before. It opens us up to all these new possibilities. "Chinatown Hustler" was produced by a deep-fried muthasucka from North Carolina called Jus K. If you listen carefully you can almost hear the Chitlins sizzlin' in the background.

  9. How do you feel about the new network, MTV Chi? What do you think the future has in store for Asian American Entertainers?

    We think MTV Chi, like Asian American entertainers, will one day become a force to be reckoned with. But understand that this will only come with a lot of dedication and support from our people and people OUTSIDE of our culture. It will be no easy task, seeing how corporate America is still hesitant to accept our culture and talent in mainstream music. But we are growing, and Asians will emerge with such a force that the world will have no choice but to feel what we are doing. But we need to work, bruthas and sistas. As a band, we've been offered numerous record deals, but we have chosen to remain independent until we see that the industry is ready to stop fucking lowballing us and believe. We just won't accept whatever they offer us. You can't out-hustle a hustler, baby.

  10. How did the MTV Chi launch party go at the Cutting Room?

    There was some serious Chinatown mayhem goin' on that night - The Asian American music community was reppin' strong. Vudoo Soul was there and Johnny Hi-Fi, Kevin So and Putnam Hall were all out on stage doin' their thing. A lot of love and unity was flowin' - and that's how it should be. Our crazy MSG posse was out in force, representin' hardcore - needless to say, we threw the wok down and served it up propa. We're gearin' up for more shows soon so check out our site and join our mailing list for details.

  11. What can your fans expect from MSG in the future?

    Complete world domination. Hit us up at or to get a taste of hot-wokkin' destruction.

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